Watertown Christian Church - Case Study

Watertown Christian Church - Case Study

Watertown Christian Church of Watertown, South Dakota

Case study by: Kendra Keil of Keil's Media Management


WCC had a Facebook page and that was it. It only held their basic information and a couple of posts were made here and there. I stepped in to help rebrand their Facebook, add Instagram, bring awareness of the church, and create a steady content calendar for them. They use my full Social Media Management service.


I took this opportunity to refresh their entire page. I made sure to update their profile photo with a clear church photo. I then created a steady flow in their content calendar. We created a theme, images, and captions for each flow.


When we first started out the church had 38-page likes. This mainly consisted of people who were already in the church as well as family friends. From there I have grown their page likes to 179. On top of that, I have brought in 199 followers to the page. We have seen more positive in the account's engagement than we have in red. Recently we have brought a +33.3% engagement from Jan 5-Jan 11 2022.

Testimonial from client

"Jesus gave a clear commission to make disciples of the world.  In order to reach those lost people and bring them to Christ, we have to cross their paths, invite them to Church and invest the love Christ has given us, in their lives.  I tell the Church I serve, unless you are willing to invest in those lives, don’t bother inviting them to Church.  As the culture of our Church has grown to live out this principle, we sought how we can reach others through not only one on one interaction but through our online presence.  We had an individual that wanted to work on our website but did not want to work on our social media.  That is where Keil’s Media Management came in.  Kendra Keil, a solid follower of Christ and one who grew up in a preacher’s home, offered her services to us.  With so many platforms, so little time to learn them much less keep up with them, Kendra has carried the pain and difficulty of staying current with all these platforms.  She listened to our wants and needs and crafted a variety of posts that have helped spark interest in individuals and families in our community that we may never have crossed paths with.  We gather for one hour a week.  Each of us sleep for another 8 hours a day.  Many work a 40 hour a week job.  When we split cooking, bathing, eating, and relaxing it does not leave many hours for us to reach others for Christ.  That’s the beauty of social media.  It is at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Reaching, sharing, inviting, and hopefully bringing lost people to our doorstep so that we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them.  What we do online is not meant to replace what we do offline.  It is simply another tool we have been given to maximize the time we have to share the message of Christ with lost people."

Sample of created content

Where to find Watertown Christian Church online?

Instagram: @w_christian_c
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WatertownChristianChurch
Website: https://www.watertownchristianchurch.com/


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