3 investments you should make for your business

3 investments you should make for your business

Here are the top 3 investments I believe you should make for your coffee shop (or any business in general).

Choosing what you should invest your time and money into can be intimidating, especially when you do not know where to start. I compiled my top three list of items I believe are the best to invest in. These are my personal opinion; however, each of them will help your business in one way or another.

📸 A brand photoshoot: Having a brand photoshoot is a way to showcase your personality and the story behind your brand. This can help humanize you as well as makes others feel like they know you and feel instantly loyal to you. This can also provide you with a selection of content to use on your social platforms. Personally, I would suggest Lauren Brown Photography from Bozeman, MT she makes you feel beautiful and gives a personal touch to every photo. I had never had professional photos done and while I had seen her work and it was gorgeous it was just a surreal feeling to have professional photos done of myself!

🎨 A brand kit: With a brand kit you will be able to keep your social platforms consistent. Some of the items you would want to include would be font types, color codes, templates for stories and/or posts, logos, and any graphics you want. If you are looking for a cheap option for branding I would suggest Canva. Canva offers a brand kit where you can add your fonts, colors, and logos for the basics. However, if you are looking to invest more into your brand kit then I offer Instagram brand design as well.

📝 A social media strategy: This is going to keep you consistent and help you know what to post and when. Just posting randomly is not going to help your business; however, having a specific plan is going to keep you on track and posting to your ideal client and not just whoever happens along with your profile. This should be done by a professional who knows what they are looking for. Usually, if you do this yourself you will not be able to pinpoint areas that need help.

Investing in your business will never hurt you! While it may cost more, whether it is time or money, investing in your business will be repaid in the future.

Need someone to help you create a brand kit or social media strategy? Feel free to reach out to me and get these tasks checked off your to-do list!

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